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Tailored financing products for your merchants and ecosystem

Best-in-class technology, easy integration and seamless automation

No capital required, no risks and no financial liability

Types of merchant financing product

All product specifications are tailored to your needs and your merchants demands

Revenue-based Financing

Merchant Advance

Blazingly Fast merchant Payout

Instant Payout

Build your own custom loan program


We help to financial engineer any credit product tailored to your merchants' needs.


We build it, fund it, and maintain it. We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on your customers and your core business.

Build on cutting-edge technology

Engineered for scalability, our tech integrates seamlessly into your existing tech stack. With the highest level of automation, we ensure your loan program is operated smoothly, securely and reliably.

Operating globally from Day 1

Launch a global merchant financing program with us. SAPI is available in a number of countries and in multiple local currencies.