Payment Recovery

At SAPI, we understand the importance of managing financial transactions accurately. If an error occurs in a bank transfer related to our  services, you have up to 36 months to initiate a recall claim. Please contact us at promptly to begin the process.

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Eligibility for Making a Recall Claim

You may be eligible to make a recall claim under the following circumstances:

  • Incorrect account number and/or sort code was entered.
  • Incorrect payee was selected.
  • Duplicate payment or overpayment was made to the correct payee.
  • A standing order was not cancelled as intended.
  • Other errors (please specify).

Direct Resolution with Payee

If the issue involves a duplicate or overpayment to a known payee, we recommend that you first attempt to resolve the matter directly with the payee. This often leads to quicker resolution. If resolved directly, there is no need to notify SAPI.

Initiating a Claim with SAPI

If the direct resolution is not applicable, please reach out to SAPI Customer Support at with the following details:

  • Detailed description of the error.
  • Date, amount, account number, sort code, and name of the payee involved in the transaction made.
  • Amount, account number, sort code, and payee details of the intended transaction.

SAPI’s Claim Initiation

We will contact our bank to initiate a claim on your behalf within 2 working days of receiving your request. It is crucial to respond promptly to any requests for additional information to avoid delays in the recall process.

Engagement with Recipient’s Bank

The recipient’s bank will be contacted regarding the claim. They will conduct their due diligence and either accept or dispute the claim. If the recipient’s bank declines the return of the funds, a detailed investigation will follow between both banks.

Resolution Outcome

If the claim is undisputed, the funds should be returned to you within 20 working days from the date of claim initiation. In the case of a dispute, we will inform you of the outcome following the banks’ investigations within the same timeframe. Should you be dissatisfied with the resolution, SAPI will provide guidance on further steps you can take independently.

For further assistance, please see our contact details.

By following these procedures, SAPI aims to ensure that any errors in bank transfers are rectified efficiently and effectively, maintaining trust and integrity in our financial dealings.

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