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Our embedded finance solution provides platforms with a flexible end-to-end lending program that enables you to offer fast and attractive financing for your business clients to grow their businesses.

Frequently asked questions

How does SAPI work?

Customers will browse our platform for listings. As a shop owner, you can easily manage your listings, and hide or delete any listing. Every time a customer completes a checkout, you will be notified both through email and on your shop account on SAPI.

When the customer comes into your store, all you need to do is scan their QR code and all listings that they purchased from you will be visible on your app. Then, simply choose the listing that the customer wants to redeem, put down the redeemed amount – and voila! The customer has successfully made their first redemption.

You can find more information about SAPI on this page ?

What happens after I agree to join SAPI?

We will help you create your shop profile on our website. We will also help you create a tailored shop listing to start selling on SAPI straightaway ?.

After this, we will send you an email with the log-in details to claim your shop. Once in, you can update your shop profile and make changes to the sample listing or add new ones. You can also invite employees on SAPI to help you manage your shop!

How will SAPI advertise my services to new customers?

Your shop profile will appear on our exclusive map of small, local businesses in London. We currently have over 4,000+ loyal, supportive customers who are constantly searching for great local, small shops. After creating your listings, we will promote them for free to our customers, who can then purchase your deals and redeem them in-store. We show your shop profile everywhere, online and offline, and bear all marketing costs for you. You only pay us on each sale, so it’s completely risk-free.

How can we be so confident? The kind of customers we curate in our community is different from the price-seekers of other deal sites. We don’t attract bargain-hunters who look for the cheapest, one-time deals. Our customers buy products/services from you in bulk, so they’re loyal and will return to you by default. We work hard to curate a community of enthusiastic supporters, who value you for the quality you deliver and bring these customers to you for free.

Does SAPI promote bulk-buy offers only?

No! We encourage our shop partners to create bulk-buy offers, as we believe the kinds of services/products you provide are among our customers’ recurring needs for purchase, thus buying upfront from you helps them reduce their daily expenses, while also contributing to your cashflow and loyal customer base.

Besides bulk-buy, you also have the choice to create gift-card listings, where customers can use the amount in their gift card on any of your services/products. We’ll also be introducing subscription offers in the near future, so stay tuned! 

If you have any other feature in mind that you want us to include on our website, please reach out and let us know! We appreciate all your feedback and suggestions ?.


Is there any fees involved?

It is completely free to join our platform. This means you can add your shop profile, be on our map and create listings for free! The only time we will ever take a fee is if you receive a successful order on our platform – in which case, we take a fee of 10%. However, new shops can receive their first £200 orders for free! You can try out our platform and see if you like it, at no cost and risk! After that, if you continue to stay, it will be a 10% fee for every successful order.

The £200 fee-free orders are guaranteed and no prior set-up is required.

When will I receive my money?

As soon as the customer makes their first redemption!

After the customer has purchased their deal, they must redeem their purchase in-store. Once they have redeemed their deal for the first time, the entire amount will be sent to you, minus the 10% fee. To ensure we can process payouts to you in a timely manner, please go to the Payout section on your shop account and set up your bank account.

Do I need to set up a tablet system for SAPI orders?
No set-up is required! ? All you need to do is scan their QR code using any electronic device you have that has a camera, e.g. a smartphone or a tablet. All listings that they purchased from you will be visible on the screen.
What if my regular customers buy my deals - won't I lose money by offering discounts?

The short answer is No. If you already have loyal customers who love what you do and visit you regularly- that’s great! By joining SAPI, you make more money and get more out of your existing regular customer base. This is because they are buying in-bulk upfront at multiple times the average amount for each visit. Through us, they send you upfront payments and guarantee future sales to support you in difficult times. We believe the discount level (which you decide yourself) is a fair reward for such loyal support. Besides your regular customers, we aim to actively promote you to new customers in our community who discover you through our map, for free. We don’t earn anything until you make you a sale, so there’s only upside for you and it’s completely risk-free.

I don't have a physical shop, is it still okay to join?

This is absolutely fine! We’re only asking for an exclusive address where customers can come and collect their orders so we can pinpoint the location of your business on our map of small businesses in London. If you don’t have a pick-up address and do delivery only, speak to your Account Manager who can set up a delivery-only account for you.

What happens if I wish to stop using SAPI?

If you have concerns or experience any issues with your account, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager, or chat with us through the live chat function. You can also deactivate your listing and deals anytime, or set an expiry date for them. Since it doesn’t cost you anything to be on SAPI, keeping your profile active means free advertising for your business. If you no longer want to be visible to your customers and want to delete all your data, just speak to us and we can delete your account for you. We’ll be sad to see you go, so we hope you’ll change your mind.

My business is located outside of London - can I still join?

At the moment, we are only operating within Greater London, so as long as you’re within the M25, your business will be a great fit for our customers. However, if you’re outside of Greater London, we are expanding to other cities within the UK soon so check back in a few months and stay tuned!

Can’t find your questions?

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In big and small ways, we make lending easy and profitable for everyone involved.

Platform Experience


New source of exponentially growing ARR.


Lower business clients' churn with an ongoing, trust-based relationship.


No risk exposure, no capital, licence or compliance requirement hassle.

Borrower Experience


More attractive, tailored loan terms.


No lengthy application.


Fast funding, within 12 hours.


Automated repayment via a percentage of sales.

Loan Investor Experience


Loan investors can directly influence loan performance.


Enhanced loss protection with revenue-based repayments.

How do we make money?

We earn a 10% success-only fee from local shops when the customers buy local deals. What we don’t do is share or sell any customers data to anyone (see our Privacy Policy here).
Out of the 10% success-only fee, 2% is the VAT we pay, which is reclaimable if you’re VAT registered. We also cover your customers’ card payment processing fees, which would have cost you c. 3%. So the real net cost is only c. 5%.
Compared to any other marketing channel, this 5% success-only fee is very reasonable and sustainable. We hope that by treating everyone well, both the shops and shoppers will come back to this community and stay here. We’re building a better way to shop, one that saves everyone time, money and helps support local businesses, even if there’s less in it for us.