For companies serving small business clients

Offer fast, fair and flexible Merchant Advance products

Easy application, seamless user experience and attractive rates

Instant decision and fast funding

Effortless revenue-based repayments

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How it works

Choose a financing offer

Offers are generated from the business clients’ sales history. Merchants provide basic business information through a straightforward application flow.

Instant approval and fast funding

Over 80% of approval is instant. To receive funding, business clients verify themselves and their bank accounts. Once verified, the funding is disbursed within 2 hours.

Effortless and proportional payback

Automated repayment using a fixed percentage of sales, flexible and proportional to their sales performance.

Why your business clients love Merchant Advance

Easy application. Fast funding. Effortless payback.

Attractive, transparent pricing

Merchants know exactly how much it costs, with transparent one-off upfront fee and no ongoing interest.

Blazingly fast funding

Most applications take less than 10 mins, with over 90% approval rates. Instant decision for over 80% of cases and fund disbursements within 2 hours.

Effortless, flexible payback

Automated repayment via a percentage of sales without much effort from the merchant. Flexible payback as they pay more when business goes well, and less if things slow down.

What’s in it for you?

In big and small ways, we make lending easy and attractive for everyone involved.

Profit-sharing partnership

Partner with SAPI to gain an attractive percentage of profit from every financing deal. This partnership not only opens a new revenue stream but can also boost your overall revenue by up to 30%.

Outrun your competitors

Small businesses value fast and affordable access to financing. Stand out from the competition as a platform that’s their financial partner in times of need.

No capital required and no integration cost

We fund the financing opportunities with no capital required from you. No costs of integration and no tech burdens as we work with your existing infrastructure.

Flexible implementation 

Our no-code solution enables you to go live in 7 days. The fully embedded, deeper integration takes 1 month. Both options offer complete white-labelled interface with seamless user experience.

7 days

No-code Implementation

1 month

Fully-embeded Implementation

Unlock exceptional revenue growth through a true partnership

At SAPI, our collaboration with you is rooted in true partnership, reflecting in the fair and exciting profit-sharing structure we offer.