For companies serving small business clients

Financing solutions tailored for your  business clients

Empower your merchants by offering customisable, on-platform revenue-based financing – all under your brand.

Happy SAPI team member, representing the friendly and approachable nature of SAPI

Boost revenue

Increase your referral revenue with a proportional profit share on every financing opportunity, and witness an increase in merchant revenue.

Retain more business clients

Experience a potential 50% increase in retention rates as you offer value-added services and help your business clients grow.

Improve acquisition

Boost your appeal with financing products to attract a broader business clientele than your competitors.

Enhance engagement

See up to an 87% increase in merchant engagement levels providing financing on your platform using external capital.


Increase in annual recurring revenue*


Increase in merchant sales*


Increased user engagement level*


Reduction in merchant’s churn rate*


Attracted or acquired new users*

(*) The percentage of companies that reported being 'very successful' or 'successful' among a survey of over 1,000 global companies currently offering embedded finance solutions.

Offer bespoke business financing products with SAPI

We manage the complexity of compliance, technology, and funding, enabling you to enhance your revenue and ecosystem while helping your business clients.

Merchant Advance

Access capital effortlessly through offers linked to merchant’s revenue, with quicker approvals and faster funding.

Fast, fair and flexible financing

Merchants enjoy a straightforward application process, seamless integration, and competitive rates.

Transparent, upfront pricing

A single fixed fee provides cost clarity to the merchants, eliminating the worry of unexpected cost or hidden fees.

Effortless repayments

Automated revenue-linked repayments adjust to sales volume, ensuring a hassle-free repayment process for merchants.

Instant Payout

Merchants benefit from immediate sales payouts and smooth, automated repayments, elevating their financial agility.

Immediate access to sales revenue

Empower your merchants with instant access to sales revenue, boosting their cash flow and operational liquidity.

Transparent pricing and hassle-free

Merchants experience a straightforward cost structure with clear pricing and transaction-settled repayments.

Better relationship with your business clients

Instant payouts foster trust and satisfaction from merchants, distinguishing your companies in the market.

Why work with us?

Financing products for your business clients, crafted and managed by experts. Partner with us to watch your revenue grow.

Enjoyable experience

Fully embedded, white-label product. Fast, fair and easy application. Attractive financing.

Easy integration

We work with your existing infrastructure to generate offers, disburse funds, and collect repayment.

No capital required

We fund the business financing products while you focus on your core business. Let us handle the lending complexity.

Smart underwriting

We specialise in understanding complex borrowers. Attractive, fast financing based on sales, not credit scores.

Faster access to capital

Fast access to financing from £500 to £100K. We provide the capital that scales with your merchants and your ecosystem.

Built with you in mind

Our product is easy to understand and quick to deploy, specifically designed for payment companies, marketplaces and merchant system providers.

Integration options

Choose how you embed and launch SAPI’s business financing solutions to your business clients

Effortless no-code solution

Without a single line of code, partners can swiftly integrate SAPI’s financing products. It’s the perfect blend of simplicity and efficiency for a quick market launch.

Customised API integration

Opt for a fully-customisable and deeply integrated solution that aligns with your complex business needs, backed by robust security and tailored control.