Partnership Strategist Sahil Patel shares a day in the life at SAPI

Life at SAPI with Sahil Patel

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Ready to get a sneak peek into the life of our awesome team members? Welcome to the “Life at SAPI” series, where we showcase the diverse experiences of our talented team. At SAPI, we believe that our people are our greatest asset, and we’re proud to have a team that is passionate, innovative, and dedicated to making a difference. In this blog series, we’ll be taking a closer look at the daily routines of some of our team members and gaining insights into the exciting and dynamic world of technology and innovation.

In this first edition, join us as we follow our Partnership Strategist Sahil Patel through his workday at SAPI.

What’s your name and what’s your job title?

My name is Sahil Patel and I’m a Partnership Strategist at SAPI.

Where in the world do you work?

I’m based in the UK and I work in our London head office.

How long have you worked at SAPI?

I have worked at SAPI for 7 months.

What is a typical day for you in your role? Can you walk us through your daily routine?

I work in the office 3 days a week, which is great because it gives me an excuse to start my day with a great coffee from Claudia’s. My role is highly varied, so the work itself varies from day to day. Sometimes I will be speaking to potential clients, working with lawyers to apply for various financial licenses, or working to identify and implement new systems to help us run more efficiently.

My work requires individual and collective work, and I spend about a third of my time in meetings. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, get advice and get to know your colleagues.

What makes you proud to work at SAPI?

SAPI’s culture makes it a great place to work. Coming from a corporate consulting background, I was unsure how I would find the start-up culture. But I am glad to report that SAPI’s culture is brilliant. People are driven, authentic and passionate but also fun-loving. We have a very flat structure where you are expected to have an opinion and a role in the decision-making.

What do you do outside of work to recharge or decompress?

I am a very social person so I like to spend time with friends and family. I also love food and normally spend weekends exploring London’s food scene.

Additionally, I love playing and watching sports and you will find me playing squash, tennis and football after work and at weekends. You will also find me in the pub watching an inconsistent Manchester United beat Barcelona and lose to Newcastle.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the variety that the role entails. I get involved in sales, operations and technology, and anything else that needs support. This give me great insight into the activities across the business and provides the opportunity to learn a lot more than being confined to one specific role or team. I think these roles stretch you and help you develop your skillset and will set me up well as the business grows.

What advice would you give a colleague who has just joined your team?

I would suggest they spend a little bit of time getting to know everyone in the company and understand their role and what they are working on. People are incredibly open, and if you see something that you find interesting, ask if you can get involved. SAPI has a brilliant culture of supporting your learning objectives, and people always appreciate the support.

How do you manage your time and prioritise tasks?

In a start-up, prioritise change quickly, and time-sensitive requests come in when you don’t expect them. Managing your time in this dynamic environment can be challenging but I use a few tactics.

Firstly, I use a simple 2 x 2 matrix of importance and urgency and rate each task from low to high. This helps you visualise your work and helps you think through the prioritisation.

I try to be very deliberate with my time management and will block specific ‘focus time’ slots in my diary for specific tasks to reduce distractions.

Lastly, we use technology effectively to work smart. For example, we use Berrycast, a screen recording and sharing tool, instead of writing a long email or Slack message as it explains tasks faster and helps reduce uncertainty.


If you’re interested in joining our talented team and being a part of our company’s mission to make a difference, we invite you to explore our open positions. At SAPI, we value diversity, collaboration, and creativity, and we’re always looking for passionate and driven individuals to help us drive our company forward. Thank you for following our “Life at SAPI” series, and stay tuned for our next instalment featuring another one of our amazing team members.

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