Life at SAPI with Andres Pulido

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Welcome back to the “Life at SAPI” series! We’re excited to continue sharing the experiences of our amazing team members, who bring their unique perspectives and skills to help drive our company’s success.

In this edition, we’re thrilled to feature Andres Pulido, a Strategy & Product Analyst at SAPI. Get ready to gain a deeper understanding of Andre’s workday at SAPI and learn more about his life at SAPI.

What’s your name and what’s your job title?

I am Andres Pulido, and I am a Strategy & Product Analyst at SAPI. I am responsible for supporting the founders with their business priorities (e.g. raising capital, structuring operations with new partners, etc.), and the tech teams to improve the capabilities and user experience of our product.

Where in the world do you work?

I’m currently working in Bogota, Colombia, but I have been doing my job from different countries such as the UK, the UAE and Peru.

How long have you worked at SAPI?

I have worked at SAPI for 6 months, started doing a part time job last September while doing my MBA at London Business School, and will continue in a full-time position.

What is a typical day for you in your role? Can you walk us through your daily routine?

Having worked in a consulting firm and in a big tech company, I can say that working at SAPI as an MBA intern is very rewarding because it allows me to continue working in important stuff, while having a higher degree of flexibility to balance my work and personal life.

I usually start my day at 6 am having a Colombian coffee while checking my emails to understand if there are urgent needs for that day (when I wake up, many of my colleagues in the UK/Vietnam have already been working). Then at 7 am, I head to the gym to do my strength and cardio routines. Later, I start work at 10 am by replying to emails, prioritizing all my tasks, and meeting with my colleagues to receive feedback of my work and align next steps.

After lunch (while everyone in the UK is about to sleep), I start working on my deliverables, for example, I usually work on creating excel models to support strategy decisions or on writing word documents with details of business requirements or results of user tests for new products/functionalities. Also, depending on the needs of the business, I sometimes get the opportunity to give a hand in tasks that are not part of my role, but that are critical for SAPI and take me out of my comfort zone (e.g. preparing materials to onboard a new partner, reviewing internal policies, or even interviewing undergrad students).

I usually finish my work early in the evening, and after sending emails to my team with the progress of my work, I rest while ordering delivery food and watching a Netflix series – currently re-watching The Office.

What are some most memorable experiences you’ve had while working at SAPI?

The day the founders confirmed the last equity round because it reaffirmed that people believe in what we are doing, and because I supported the process.

What makes you proud to work at SAPI?

I feel proud of being part of a company that is creating a solution and a business model that I have not seen in the region where I am from, Latin America.

What kind of skills are important to have for your role?

Regardless of where you are in your career, if you are interested in working in tech for a start-up, I would say that the most important qualities to shine at the job are having a positive mindset and a “can do” attitude. Working in a start-up by definition goes hand in hand with a lot of unexpected urgent work and therefore with a lot of stress, however, by focusing on the positive things and believing that everything can be done (at least at an MVP level), it gets easier to enjoy the work while progressing your career.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in pursuing a career in your field?

When we are in the moment of defining what career to pursue, I believe that as in tech start-ups, one of the most important aspects is “future growth”. Therefore, I would recommend finding a place where you believe you will grow very fast, in my case, what I do is finding places where I admire the people I am going to work with, and where I will have a lot of opportunities to step out of my comfort zone.

Are you office-based, remote or hybrid? Which type of working arrangement do you prefer and why?

I’m remote, but definitely prefer a hybrid model to be able to interact in person with my colleagues


If you’re interested in joining our talented team and being a part of our company’s mission to make a difference, we invite you to explore our open positions. At SAPI, we value diversity, collaboration, and creativity, and we’re always looking for passionate and driven individuals to help us drive our company forward. Thank you for following our “Life at SAPI” series, and stay tuned for our next instalment featuring another one of our amazing team members.

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