For companies serving small business clients

Standout with a faster merchant payout experience

Enable your business clients to get paid for their sales on the same day

Offer a better user experience and more liquidity to your merchants

Better attract and retain your business clients with no capital required

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How it works

End customers complete a sale

Customers authorise a sale with your merchant, online or via a point-of-sale terminal.

Merchant gets paid immediately by SAPI

Instead of waiting for days for the transactions to settle, your business clients can be paid on the same day by SAPI.

Effortless, automatic repayments

SAPI gets paid back automatically when the transaction is settled as per their usual payment schedule.

Why your business clients love Instant Payout

No more payout delays, instant access to sales

Faster, same-day payout

Faster payout means more liquidity and better cashflow management for your business clients. They also love the instant gratification from sales being recognised and paid immediately.

Attractive, transparent pricing

Attractive, minimal costs to your business clients. They also know exactly how much it costs them with our transparent pricing.

Effortless, hassle-free payback

SAPI got paid back automatically once the transactions have settled, without much effort from your business clients.

What’s in it for you?

Better product and user experience at no costs or risks

Significantly better user experience

Merchants have increased trust in a platform partner that instantly pays out. Their instant gratification will improve your user experience, engagement and retention rate.

Outrun your competitors

Small businesses value fast access to payout and more liquidity. To differentiate yourself from other competitors, be one of the few who offers an instant pay-out to your business clients. 

No capital required and no integration costs

Enhance your product with instant payout features with minimal upfront investment. Our service integrates seamlessly, requiring no capital or integration costs from your side.

Flexible implementation 

Our no-code solution enables you to go live in 7 days. The fully embedded, deeper integration takes 1 month. Both options offer complete white-labelled interface with seamless user experience.

7 days

No-code Solution Implementation

1 month

Fully-embeded Solution Implementation