Loan Program as a Service

Embedded financing for your merchants

We build, tailor, fund and manage your custom loan products, offering on-platform white-label financing to your merchants.

We fully integrate our solution with your systems, requiring minimal technical effort or resources on your end.

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All product specifications are tailored to your needs and your business clients demands


Merchant Advance

Offer pre-approved loans with competitive rates to your merchants. To ensure transparency, we only charge an upfront fee that is fixed and agreed upon prior to the loan disbursement.

We provide flexible repayment schedules. Our repayment system is designed to suit your merchant’s financial performance, as we collect a fixed percentage of their sales until the loan is repaid. This ensures that they do not have to pay more than what they can afford.

Immediate merchant payout

Instant Payout

Enable your merchants to receive the funds immediately after each sale instead of waiting for the transation processing. 

We charge a small upfront fee that can be paid either by the PSP or by the merchant. 

Grow with your merchants…

Attract and retain merchants

Strengthen the relationship with your merchants with long-term, value adding, financing options 

Generate a new revenue stream

Unlock a new risk-free revenue stream by taking a proportional revenue share on every loan

… with no risk and minimal technical effort

Absolutely risk-free

You are completely shielded from all risks. No financial or regulatory risks. Focus on your core business and let us handle the lending complexity.

Easy integration

We work with your existing infrastructure to generate offers, disburse funds, and collect repayment. 

Instant access to capital

We provide the capital, giving your merchants one-click access to financing from £500 to £100K. 

Be up and running in no time

Want to quickly test if on-platform financing is for you? Start with a simple no-code pilot which can take as little as 1 week to be live.