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Hybrid work with 1 day a week in the office.

Enjoy 30 days of annual leave plus bank holidays.

Enhanced parental leave and support for new parents.

We sponsor skilled worker visas for prospective employees in the UK.

Work from anywhere with 6-week remote work allowance.

Flexible working hours with core hours.

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Continuous learning and development: Tools and programs to grow and develop your skills.

Our core values

At SAPI, our core values of Grit, Ambition, Empathy, and Integrity drive everything we do. These values are the foundation of our innovative spirit and guide us in delivering exceptional liquidity solutions to the global payment ecosystem.


Grit is all about perseverance. At SAPI, we face challenges head-on and never give up. We believe in hard work and pushing through obstacles to achieve our goals. Our determination drives us to keep going, even when the going gets more complex and challenging.


Integrity is the foundation of our business and our people. We are honest, transparent, and ethical in everything we do. We build trust by doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Our integrity ensures that we maintain the highest standards in all our interactions and relationships.


Ambition fuels our drive for success and our excitement to keep building. We set high goals for ourselves and others, and strive to exceed them. Our ambition keeps us focused on the next steps, always looking for ways to improve and expand. We believe there are no limits to what we can achieve.


Empathy means understanding and valuing the perspectives of others. We listen to our partners and clients, recognising their needs and concerns. This helps us build strong, supportive relationships and create solutions that truly benefit them.

Our guiding principles

Our guiding principles reflect the core of SAPI’s culture and approach. We believe in daring to think big, taking ownership of our work, speaking our minds with kindness, and always starting with honesty. These principles drive our innovation, accountability, communication, and integrity, ensuring we deliver the best possible solutions for our partners and clients.

Dare to Think Big

Thinking big means setting ambitious goals and aiming high. At SAPI, we encourage bold ideas and innovative thinking. We believe in pushing the boundaries and looking beyond the immediate horizon to create impactful solutions.

Be an Owner

Being an owner is about taking responsibility and showing initiative. We expect everyone at SAPI to act like an owner, taking charge of their work and being accountable for their results. This means caring deeply about the success of our company and our clients.

Speak Your Mind with Kindness

Speaking your mind with kindness is about open and honest communication. We value directness and transparency, but always with respect and empathy. We encourage everyone to share their ideas and feedback, fostering a culture of trust and collaboration.

We Start by Being Honest

Honesty is our starting point. At SAPI, we believe in being truthful and transparent from the outset. This means being upfront about challenges and opportunities, and always maintaining the highest standards of integrity in our interactions and decisions.

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