Our mission: to pioneer lending infrastructure worldwide.

SAPI stands for Securities API.

Our work embodies that: to offer an all-encompassing API for all business credit products for business customers.

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Provide liquidity and funding to businesses via platforms they trust

Credit is the lifeblood of business growth, but lending as an embedded tool is underdeveloped and under-utilised. Lack of lending expertise, regulatory complexity, complicated financial system, and shortage of capital are factors constraining the credit growth of the platform economy. SAPI is there to remove the barrier to business financing. We  provide liquidity, enable new ideas to be funded, expedite growth for existing companies, and increase the overall output of their ecosystem.

Enable any company to be a Fintech company

We envision the future where every company could be and will be a Fintech company. In particular, every platform could fuel the growth of its ecosystem with embedded credit, using our infrastructure layer. We give platforms the tools to grant and service loans to their small business customers. By providing external financing into established partner’s ecosystem, we helps more platforms facilitate their small business customers’ growth, and in turn, grow their own ecosystem.

Be a true partner to our business customers and platforms

We operate on our principles of Professionalism, which means being original, useful, sincere, open and honest to all stakeholders involved. SAPI quietly makes sure everything works well in the background, so our platform partners can shine. If it involves building infrastructure to lend money to businesses, we’re here to help!

Our leadership

Mai Le

CEO and Co-founder

Alexis van Lennep

CCO and Co-founder

Michal Kot

CTO and Co-founder

SAPI Head of Risk, Andy Wynn

Ana King

Head of People & Talent

SAPI Head of Risk, Andy Wynn

Jermaine Hagan

Product Lead

SAPI Head of Risk, Andy Wynn

Andy Wynn

Head of Risk

We are…

“Creative” is not a word often associated with the lending industry. We want to change that. Creativity is our key to reinventing credit and building never-before-seen lending infrastructure. We love what we do because financial engineering, powered by tech, is actually great fun!

Our partners and their business customers depend on us for their business success. To us, reliability means to obsess about the 0.10% difference between 99.90% good and 100% great. Reliability is the precondition for trust. We understand and live by it.


SAPI makes life easy for our partners, borrowers and investors. From seamless integrations to instant funding, we make the whole interaction so easy, you’ll barely notice we’re there!


Our mission is paramount, and we work extremely hard to make it happen. We diligently serve everyone we work with, whether they are our partners, borrowers or investors. Our experience taught us that whatever we hope to do with ease and excellence, we must first learn to do with diligence.


We work hard to ensure that our rates are affordable to any business borrowers, whether big or small. We also maintain a lean operation to ensure our transparent charges could be kept low and accessible to all.


Professionalism runs in our blood. Being professional to us stands for more than corporate formalities, or striving for economic success. To us, being professional means being original, useful, sincere, open and honest. We always remain true to ourselves, our partners, investors and our borrowers.

Being intelligent helps us quickly learn and adapt to our partners’ stack and constantly solve new or complex problems in an unconventional way. We go out of our way to hire and be with the most intelligent people in the industry to find the smartest way to structure and execute a solution.
Portrait of two team members working in a startup with a happy time

Build the future of embedded credit

Help create the lending infrastructure for businesses worldwide.

Our office


Senna Building, Gorsuch Place,
London, United Kingdom
E2 8JF

Portrait of two team members working in a startup with a happy time

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