Liquidity-as-a-Service for Payment Companies

Scaling payments ecosystem with real-time liquidity

Our robust API and access to capital market liquidity empower payment companies and facilitate real-time money movements.

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Our API provides capital for the global payment ecosystem

As a technology firm, SAPI’s enterprise credit products and liquidity solutions are faster, more tech-driven, and specifically tailored for the payment industry. Our clients use these solutions to facilitate payment flows, engage and retain their merchants, reduce funding requirements, and generate new revenue.

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Liquidity for payment companies, their merchants, enterprise clients and more

Our Merchant Services are tailored to meet the unique needs of merchants and enterprise clients of payment companies, ensuring seamless cash flow and financial stability. Our Liquidity Solutions cater to payment companies directly, offering robust support for efficient payment flow and financial operations. Together, these solutions empower our clients to thrive in the growing payment ecosystem.

SAPI’s Merchant Services

Solutions tailored to meet the needs of payment company merchants

SAPI’s Liquidity Solutions

Solutions designed for payment companies’ needs

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Why work with us?

We provide technology, capital, global reach, and expertise to help the payment ecosystem grow.

We offer liquidity for even the most complex and challenging payment problems. Our approach is API-first and technology-driven, offering best-in-class integration and real-time collaboration. We are passionate about solving payment companies’ most difficult liquidity challenges.